Hey, welcome.

My name is Allison. I’m a copywriter and comedian living in Brooklyn.

01 — Stuff I've made

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03 — How'd I get here?

Writing has always been my strong suit, and internet fluency has always come naturally to me, so being able to finesse those two skills into a career really feels like I'm getting away with something.

After college, my first job was writing listicles for an app that didn't last.

Then, I worked a bunch of assistant jobs that made me the de-facto social media manager (classic), which taught me a lot.

When the pandemic hit, I lost my job, which left me with nothing but time to be chronically online.

That turned into doing freelance copywriting work for some very cool clients before starting full-time as a copywriter at Cleo in July 2022. In my first year at Cleo, I increased engagement across social channels by 150% compared to the previous year.

In my second year at Cleo, I served as the creative lead and project manager on our biggest brand campaigns to date, which went on to be nominated for a Drum Award and a Shorty Award. In March, I was promoted to the role of Senior Copywriter and have established myself as an authority on and guardian of the brand voice at Cleo.

On my own time, I've also made two web series, a short film, produced my own live comedy shows in New York and Los Angeles, and posted a million dumb things online, some of which have done really well.